Western Tack Trader

Book a fitting

If you’d like to book a fitting you can contact me using the standard contact form, email me at westerntacktrader@gmail.com or call on 07429 107562.

The booking form allows you to request a fitting on a certain day, and displays when I might be in your area. Fit charges are shared when at the same location. I charge £1 per mile one way or £35 if within a 35 mile radius. There is no other charge. Please contact me for a quotation or rough costs can be calculated using my post code CB23 7AT on Google maps.

I am also available for ‘Western Saddle Fit and Education Days’ for larger groups. This is a full or half day tailored to the group which can include a Power Point presentation on western saddle basics and up to 5 horses per day for saddle fits and current saddle checks. Please get in touch should this be of interest to your group or association.


Current bookings are displayed below on the calendar. If you’re in the same area and would like to join the clinic or book a fit on the same day, please use the booking form at the bottom of the page. Select the same date and submit the request. I will then email you to discuss. Alternatively you can contact me directly for more information.


Please use this booking calendar to request a fit booking. Total mileage charges are shared if in the same are as other bookings.

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