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Western Tack Trader is a dedicated western saddle website for western enthusiasts here in the UK.

WTT offers a selection of excellent quality new and second-hand western tack for sale and is the only official UK dealer for Tucker Trail saddles, Cleburne Reining saddles and Allegany Mountain Trail saddles.

In addition we offer free western saddle buying advice, including selection and fit, plus reviews of western items to help you save money when selecting tack to purchase.


Hi! I’m Jennifer.

 Basically, I’m a saddle geek. I am obsessed with saddles!

When I’m not on a fit, I spend my time reading about and studying western saddles and saddle fit, and researching saddle brands and tree makers.  And I LOVE MY JOB!

I’m passionate about what I do which will quickly come across when we meet.  I want to share this with as many people as I can and help people to gain a greater understanding of the fit and functionality of western saddles.

My love of horses and western saddles began at an early age being fortunate to  grow up on a horse farm in Ohio, USA before moving to the UK in 2004.  I grew up in the horse industry beginning with 4-H, then open shows like AQHA and NRHA, exposing me to a wealth of knowledge about western riding and western tack.

My love of horses continued when I moved to the UK and I am the proud mom to my two American Quarter horses, Bowie & Zero. I have continued being active in the show scene here,, but working on the other side as show manager for the British Reining shows and a NRHA steward, having stewarded at the European Derby in 2014 and the European and the US Futurity in 2015.

Got a question about which western saddle to choose or how it should fit? Why not drop me an email or give me a ring. I’m always happy to help- any excuse to talk saddles!


More about WTT

conchosmaller Western saddle fit specialist, available by appointment, covering the whole of the UK. Contact today to book a fitting.

conchosmaller All saddles purchased come with a 7 day money back guarantee.

conchosmaller WTT is available for ‘Western Saddle Education Days.’ Full or half day talks and demos about proper saddle fit and selection plus in-depth information about quality western tack.

conchosmaller WTT offers a free classified section. Please click here to place your ad on our website.

conchosmaller WTT also takes sells saddles on consignment.


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