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Why does my saddle lift at the back?

testing testing5 Oct 2015

Another great saddle fit article! Shame we see so many reining saddles here that do this, mostly because they are fit too wide.



Proper placement of a western saddle

testing testing5 Oct 2015

There has been a lot of interest lately in the proper placement of a western saddle. Far too many people place their saddles to far forward so that the bars on on the scapula. This will cause long term damage not to mention short term discomfort and scapula interference- causing tripping, short stepping, inability or refusal to move out, trouble with spins and turns and a number of other performance issues.
The bars of the saddle, which are located underneath the fork or pommel should sit behind the scapula with even contact down the back for greatest weight distribution.
If your saddle is sitting on the scapula it is either set too far forward or likely bridging- meaning contact at the front and at the back, forming a ‘bridge’ over the middle. This creates pressure points as the weight is not evenly distributed down the back. A saddle with more ‘rock’ or curvature in the bars would be required.
Below are some images of proper saddle placement and how the tree should sit on a horses back.
Any questions? Always happy to help so send me a PM.
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testing testing5 Oct 2015

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