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What saddle suits you

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Looking to buy a western saddle? 1. What type of riding do you plan to do? Buy the type of saddle that works for what you plan to do with your horse. If you are mainly trail riding/hacking, then don’t buy a reining or show saddle. Trail/pleasure saddles are designed with all day riding and comfort for you and your horse. If you plan to show reining but do a little hacking then go for a reining saddle as you will need the free swing of the stirrups and the flat cantle to sit those big stops. Western saddles are built with specific purpose to the event or activity you plan to do with your horse. You wouldn’t do any serious jumping in a dressage saddle so why would you rein in a roper?

Info guide

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Posting again for everyone- hands down the most in-depth informative resource on western saddle fit out there!

Read full info hear Saddlemakers



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Helpful links

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An excellent site for Saddle Makers marks!


Excellent resource of Saddlery Company Histories and Makers Marks.


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